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Just a thought or two at once.

Cold Never

Hold on to any thing that makes you feel warmth deep inside — nurture it. Icy winters will never make you cold.




No impression is permanent, none too important. Forget all, forgive more.


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Letting truth be.

Truth begins to, now gently now animatedly, slide over the skin like a knowing serpent with a purpose. Whenever it slides beneath the skin, it sheds its own cover and reveals a newer, at once shiny and terrifying, skin. And that is when the soul is called to either shake it off with repulsion, or let it rest there, accommodating a new member in the burgeoning collection of existing free.

Or, to do justice to the picture without a snake:

Truth begins to, now slowly now rapidly, slide over the walls and scaffolding like a fragile vine with no specific direction. Whenever it manages to strongly adhere to the surfaces, it miraculously reveals its strength that can smother and shatter, prop and support. And that is when the soul is called to either shake it off with repulsion, or let it rest there, accommodating a new member in the burgeoning collection of existing free.

Getting there, feeling woozy.

My head twirls

along with the winds

that harken new times.

Times of newness,

times with old things.

Protect myself from

my own lacking.

Divide myself,

and then pick every piece

to multiply my being.


It is tough

to not live like this.

Like this, where

my head twirls

with every twirling wisp

that beckons my future.

When time stops

The mind plays tricks with itself sometimes. Mine is particularly insistent in doing so these days. Since I struggle to use it for comprehensible things, I must view and listen instead. Here’s what I saw and listened to this evening. Just click on the play button below the slideshow to listen to Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper while you look at the pictures with me. Or, just do what you feel like.

Have a lovesome day.

Let Me Be

Here’s another of my very old notes. The picture is not so old. It was taken last year during Diwali — the festival of lights. The photographer had had a drink too many, the light was dim, and it resulted in a masterpiece of a photo: Me and Moti. But this post is actually about what’s written below.

If this feeling of uncertainty about myself did not overwhelm me so much, I’d feel less hassled with people’s impressions of me. The more I drown myself in self-admonishment, the more I pave way for others to invade my well being.

This post was first published on November 2, 2010. Here’s the link. Like in all my old posts, the image here has been added very recently. If this reblogging is too quick for your taste and time, do accommodate! This phase won’t last forever.

Balancing Evil


The world seems to be in a turmoil — broken promises, ravaged egos, savaged cities, disintegrating economies, lonely lives. It probably will never cease to be in turmoil.

While going through my archives for the umpteenth time, I came across this old post of mine, which I think quite fits many states of minds in today’s tumultuous times.



When I see myself being subjected to unfair treatment, I feel a surge of anger that refuses to let up unless I remind myself that this temporary feeling may permanently blot the wholesome ones.


The original post was also called Balancing evil, and was posted on September 7, 2010.

I’ve been wanting to reblog some of my old posts just because they are very dear to me, and I’d like them to see the light of readership. I had begun this blog with some photographs turned into wallpapers with ambitious messages, and some small notes to myself. This particular post was a note to myself — a reminder I like to see from time to time, not just because I can succumb to anger, but because I know the world does, too, and it is a sort of small consolation to also know that there are consequences the world will face when it does, in fact, disbalance evil.

If I become too greedy, I’ll reblog one post a day, or go as my mood dictates.

How much does it take?

I am grinning from ear to ear as I write this. Waiting for B to get us some rum. It’s been a trying week. A challenging assignment I enjoyed doing, but since it involved more brain-work than usual, I am feeling drained. The reason I am grinning is because my radio just played Allen Karl’s Tonight Carmen. I’d never heard him, so his voice came as a surprise.

Old-world and somehow soothing, it boomed through the speakers, and I began grinning. It is like watching an unexpected flower bloom after living in a dry, dry land. Working on an assignment that makes you happy and absolutely irritable at the same time does seem like cruising on a very, very dry land.

Sometimes you need just a little to turn it around.

Have a beautiful time today. And I, I am going to drink rum with B.

Intent is everything.

If I can get up in the morning with a feeling of excitement about much to do, I know I am doing good. Many times, the much-to-do is unexciting in more ways than one, but if I can accomplish the difficult task of seeing beyond the unexciting and looking at the consequence my action is expected to have, I will be able to still feel that very-welcome excitement. For even the most unpleasant tasks, if done with the right intent in mind, (seemingly) magically result in something pleasant.