Regardless, love me.

In the mist they flowed like river never-ending,

Hollyhocks swayed with their dance,

All of it rather too eager for some tending.

Their river of love, their upright hollyhocks.

Now seemly, now threatening crosstalks.


Somewhere in the internet they met.

Was it Facebook or LinkedIn? We’ll never know.

They have moved past such little details so easy to forget.

They do remember every conversation,

And tell me they even recall each duration.


Bike rides and unlaboured activity,

Hot nights and gaily coloured days,

They  displayed many a mutually agreeable proclivity.

Love was an understood companion untended.

Unbound excitement had all niggles fended.


Years piled on years,

Memories happened.

Eclectic spirits transformed into beers.

“Love me just so, lover,” cooed she as always.

Never once attempting to paraphrase.


Soon things began to grow around their hollyhocks tender.

Thorny roses and grassy mounds.

Walking around was a trial for sniping anger.

I remember they dove insanely.

In the deep, blue angry sea.


“Love me just so,” blabbered she,

Remembering to put on a bright smile.

He nodded in shaky affirmation, “Regardless, love me”.

Fights, boredom, truth spreading like vines.

Guilty outbursts became lifelines.


Just when they decided it, it is difficult to say,

She left, he wept a little.

Forty years is a long time to be preyed and prey.

Off they went with their raggedy rides,

One out there, the other over there. Escaping emotional landslides.



Gosh. It took me four days to write this rubbish.








8 thoughts on “Regardless, love me.”

    1. Remember that I mentioned I was planning to write an autobiographical (self-admonishing is more like it) sonnet more than a year ago during our only Viber chat? Well, I am nowhere close to it. 😛 As for eloquence, con someone else — I refuse to agree with your extremely dishonest ‘confession’.

      1. Well, life happens. Goals are great. But don’t fuss over the ones that slip off the edge of the table. You’re a busy lady and your write when you can and when your muse visits you. Just combining those two elements is quite a feat, if you ask me, which you didn’t but should have. ;-}

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