An End.

I fear death. I fear it not in the usually brave, tame, hesitant way. I fear it with impassioned distress. 

To lose a loved one is an end of a delightful story. To see a story end when you have to continue without it, living your story without a crucial wedge to prop you up, you stumble a little; sometimes a lot.

Layla, our dog of 12 years died today and she’s left us immensely sad. 

Barely 2 months old, she came to us a sweet bundle of fluff and charm. Over the years, she became a companion to my parents and her senior FooChoo. Dogs are meant to be companions — they take that road easy, nothing new about that. But to someone who experiences their particular brand of friendship, they are irreplaceable.

Layla remains in our hearts. As we wait to bury her tomorrow in the garden she so merrily enlivened with her antics and very-dog enthusiasm, our hearts are breaking. Tonight is going to be long night.



9 thoughts on “An End.”

  1. I’m so sorry. People who say, “Oh, you can get another…” just don’t understand. Each of them is such an individual, and the space they leave when they’re gone never will be filled by another.

    My Dixie Rose is asleep at my feet. She’s fourteen, and her time will come sooner rather than later now. I hardly can bear thinking about it.

    But what a blessing for Layla, that she had a good and loving home. You did well by her.

    1. Layla will always be missed, Linda. You are right that every dog (every person) is an individual and their place can never be replaced. One might find a ‘different love’, but not the same!

      I am sure you are enjoying Dixie Rose as much as you should. Eventualities be damned.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, Priya! We are thinking of getting a pup, and I know I will have to face this day, someday… I can understand how hard it must be for you. Hugs! And love to Layla!

      1. Yea. I can imagine. C keeps seeing dog videos everyday n follows ceasar milan, the dog whisperer. He is crazy like that. He wants to know if layla is springer spaniel? We might mostly buy a lab.

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