Collecting Memories

It has either been raining or drizzling since the last 3 days. As I live through the happiness and dreariness of routine, I realise new leaflings and buds and the sprouting from the fragile, upward-looking tree that I have become. Roots remain the same, regardless.

Here’s a chain of sorts of Elfchen I normally think of when weather is the dominant stimulus in my ever-stimulated spirit.

(The draft of this post was first written almost three weeks back. It has been awfully humid since. Hence the change in tone in the Elfchen after the first one!)



‘Tis dawn

Waiting to embrace.

Become your own self.




New beginning?

Perhaps new awakening.

Continuation, but with purpose.




Things hurt

If you neglect

Their enormity and size.



Beware !

It comes.

The blue balloon.

It bursts after flight.








5 thoughts on “Collecting Memories”

    1. Wah! Brava! For doing a good Elfchen and for appreciating me. I am gratified. That reminds me, I need to get to facebook and do something about the gratitude post of yours. Been thinking of starting a series of thanks to all of my Facebook friends one by one for the way they have affected me. It’s been almost a year since the idea came to me, but I am still bloody procrastinating.

      1. You reminded me that I didn’t do my post for the day. Just did and came back. Incidentally, I was thinking of tagging you for today. Maybe, its a sign 😛

        Its totally my pleasure Priya. Doing the Elfchen I mean. I also did mention a line on you and my other blogger friend, Nancy, in one of my letters. Nothing much, I just wrote a PS, someday, I will write more.

  1. “…the happiness and dreariness of routine.” Too often, we don’t recognize the happiness of our routine until we’ve lost it, so your phrase struck me as beautiful and true.

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