A List That’ll Never End — Part II

We meditate. Each one of us. We think of what we think of — sometimes with enviable deliberation and sensibility, sometimes with manic insanity, sometimes with ignorant habituation. But we, all of us, think and meditate without pause. When the mind is without thought, the thought is about not thinking. Until I experience a complete nothingness, I will believe so. And until I believe so, I will think, and express and ask and seek.

I have a list where I sometimes jot down my thoughts, questions and observations. The list keeps increasing, of course, and today I wish to add to it. To read the previously published one, just click here. As always, your answers, your comments are wanted, dreamt of, even.

34. I like Pablo Neruda’s poetic mind.

35. Would it be right to say that a strong retaliation is unjust, if the trigger were strong enough?

36. I can’t make bubble-making liquid. I just can’t.

37. If all the self-help advices in the world were collected, there would be equal amounts of contradictory advices for the same problem.

38. Ice-cream melts slower if you eat the cone alternately from both the ends.

39. Feminism is farcical. Just as machismo is.

40. Grief is a good thing for your soul, if you allow it to enrich you.

41. Huge raindrops are slightly scary.

42. What would happen if it really rained cats and dogs?

43. The amount of electronic and plastic no-good things in your house speak volumes about your past life. You might have been a magpie.

44. I’d like to give a giver of fulsome praise a good punch square on their nose.

45. I am beginning to believe I could garden well if I tried well enough.

46. Could there really be space scrap floating in space?

47. People living in war-torn regions aren’t people. They are super humans.

48. A child should always get a chance to know his/her grandparents.

49. Was any of your grandparent without denture/teeth? Yes? Such fun when they laughed, no?

50. If you can hug a tree a day, or sit under its canopy, consider yourself very lucky.




Note to Reader: You might find me here every day – writing short notes, long notes, stories or poems or whatever takes my fancy and whatever my time dictates. Don’t feel obliged to read and comment. Although, if you do read and/or comment, you’ll be delighting me in the process. And delighting me can be your good deed of the day every day.









11 thoughts on “A List That’ll Never End — Part II”

  1. 37 made me laugh, and 40 is so bloody true. 41, 42 makes me think you are funny. Apparently, hugging tree is such a good thing. Shame I don’t have one near my place.

    Thats a lot in the list, and if some day I find time, and remember this post, I will come back and reply more 🙂

    PS. Where are your like buttons? I miss ’em.

    PPS. I still see no notification of your posts in FB/WP Reader/Email. We seem to have a lot of technological factors against us 😮

    1. About the PS and PPS – I don’t miss my like buttons. 😛 Please bear with me about them and about the reader stuff. I have no clue how to correct the latter.

      If there are no trees around you, try looking at the details of anything natural close by — flower, bees, blah. It might not work if you try it with stuff like houseflies or mosquitoes or slimy mud, though. Just saying. 😉

      1. HaHa… Priyaaaaaa… 🙂 you are funny! We do have some mountainous view from our house, and evening walks help us see some sunflower fields 🙂 I wish I stayed much closer to them though. That would be such a joy.

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