Pretty Please




“Go on, then,” murmured she,

Setting her tea things and a little muted glee.

He picked up his cup,

Trembling with emotion.

Together they danced, suddenly wild and free.


Not a limb moved, no breath amiss,

They hopped in unison, in imaginary bliss.

Things would now be all right.

“We’ll even rent a mansion,” mumbled he.

She tapped her cheap china cup at this.


Off he went, all aglow with practiced hope.

She looked from the window, looking for support to grope.

“Tonight he’ll be back,” rejoiced she, unaccustomed.

“Leaving his rail job of ages, finally.”

“Lucky he grabbed the lottery bag when Jim fell out at the slope.”






PS:Β  I didn’t know how it’d end, and it gave me the creeps when I finished it. I hope you aren’t untouched either. Sorry about the awkward last stanza. Want to sleep before it is time to get up again. Love to you, reader!



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