No impression is permanent, none too important. Forget all, forgive more.


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9 thoughts on “Impressions”

  1. Impressions…first impressions…complicated. My mother taught me to always be wary of first impressions. However, my life experience has born out that all too often, my first impressions are right on target.

    Forgiveness, however, is always a good idea. Trust is a privilege to be earned.

    Just my unhumble thoughts. ;-}

  2. How profound! Isn’t that what we are all working towards? 🙂

    Happy to be here, and love your new theme. I have quite a similar one.

    1. Welcome, Rondita!
      You are right. We should not be defined by our mistakes, or, for that matter, our achievements. 😀

      I will take out time to visit you and get to know you better. Currently, my 2-year old likes a lot me around her all of the time, so it is a little difficult. But, since I like you, I shall visit soon as I can!

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