Watch and Wait





We could strip

The clothes line.

Or just watch it

Carry fine silk

Until the winds blow.


When they do, gossamer

Mornings’ll turn powder

Sheer nights’ll blind, trembling. Winded.

Let’s beat the mistral to it.

Come, let’s spin a yarn, weave a roof.


Stay away, puff. Our fabric breathes.

Delicately, slowly, it breathes spry mirth.

Let it, puff. Let it inspirit itself.


We will sit here, and look at it breathe.



13 thoughts on “Watch and Wait”

    1. It is always lovely to see you, you bring such hope. I knew that if anything could bring you here, it would well be an etheree. (I am ignoring the picture because I cannot take credit for it.)

    1. Etheree, or any poem – in my opinion, is free for judgement, misjudgement, interpretation, misinterpretation. Don’t comment, but don’t try to read me in them. Just read them for what they are — free agents! πŸ˜€

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