Image: Dan Pancamo
Image: Dan Pancamo




A day gone

In the arms of

A hungry little monster

Skulking behind

A face alit with hope.

He moves with its vigour,

The hungry little monster’s.

But waits for the hope’s



Another day,

Another posy of

Promising smiles.

He might get up today

With a frown finally wringing

Itself free. One with

The hungry little monster.

But he won’t.


The day breaks

All little armours,

Jostling through their chinks.


The armours cling and clank —

Soundlessly and noisily at once.

But there is light.


He likes this,

The play of light

With his chinks.

He wears

The usual smile

Like a buoy even though

The water’s paved.





4 thoughts on “Lost”

    1. Oh no! Where does the question of failing arise? You take interest in my work, and such interest, too. I am deeply indebted to you in more than simple ways.

      The intent was to generate interest in the man — to arouse a little pity. What are your questions? Are they related to the ‘little monster’? I don’t know what it is, either. Perhaps a situation? A vice? Definitely something that challenges his peace of mind and patience.

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