A Note to Myself*


When every step you take takes you to doors that beckon, take those steps.

When you trust yourself, do.

If you falter, fall;

Getting up will be twice the fun.

*Written publicly.

24 thoughts on “A Note to Myself*”

  1. And after I get done cooing over how cute and determined and curious she is, I’ll have to add – this reminds me of my kitty, who simply can’t stand a shut door. I have to put my African violets in a closet at night to keep her from nibbling the leaves, and after finding the closet door open a time or two, I figured out that I had to block the door shut with something too heavy for her to move. If this fails (as it might – I hear her at work in the night) I’ll go to a combination padlock. That might stop her. 😉

    1. You think. I am pretty sure she’ll find a way around the padlock, too! The joys of nurturing inquisitive minds…

      I am really interested to know — how does the African violet breathe in the closet? Isn’t it too closety?

      1. Nope. It’s a big closet. 😉

        Actually, they only stay in there overnight to keep kitty away from them. The next morning, they’re out in the sunshine, wriggling their roots in the dirt and getting drinks now and then. That’s the important part. Plants don’t breathe like we do. Through the process called photosynthesis, chlorophyll absorbs energy and transforms carbon dioxide and water into energy and oxygen.

        So, keeping them in the closet all the time would bring about sickness and even death, but it would be the lack of sunlight and water that would get them. Which is why I’m going to go in right now and put them back on their table.

        1. You do talk about (other) animals and plants as if they were humans and yet not confuse them with our kind either. I like that. And am pretty sure your people (of all kinds) must be happy around you.

  2. Oh I have to laugh at Shoreacres. I used to live in a house that had levers on the doors instead of doorknobs. My cat thrilled at leaping up to grab those levers and go where she wasn’t supposed to, always leaving an open door as a trail of evidence.

    As long as their are no stairs on the other side of the door, little one…have fun. 😉

    1. I wouldn’t want this image to leave. She must’ve kept you so entertained.

      Bela’s climbing stairs now, though not walking without support. I am waiting for her to do these things independently. Then, maybe then, I might get some exercise!

    1. Aren’t they lovely!? I went to a jeweller to get myself a nose-pin and saw these there, and I simply had to take them. Many people have their little ones wear anklets (even boys) with tiny tinkling bells to find out when the child is stirring in sleep, or where the little brat is hiding and making mischief. Clever tactic, eh?

  3. Aww, she’s so adorable! Mashallah 🙂 Love those anklets and her hair is to die for! Your post is simply lovely and so deep…food for thought. God bless.. xx

  4. Aww… Just few words, and you did it again. I was thinking about you, and logged into wp to see what’s cooking here. You didn’t disappoint as usual, you always serve us readers with a feast, don’t you? Hugs Priya.

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