Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There



You now, do.

Windows open,

Closed doors say, “Come, do.”

But just sit there, and breathe.

In, and out. Out, then in. Life.

Talk to the breeze hugging your skin.

Listen to Time travelling for you.

Rejoice! Relax. Be very you. Now. Here.



I could claim credit for the title, but I can’t, even though I might have thought of it. Alas, Osho thought of it before me.

12 thoughts on “Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There”

  1. It’s a true cross cultural folk saying, this phrase. I can remember my mother saying to me, “Don’t just do something, sit there!” while I was still in grade school. So… it at least pre-dates 1956!

    It’s also very good advice, nicely re-composed by you.

      1. Oh, no! You’re right. Or at least I think you are, that the original was “Don’t just sit there, do something”. But it’s old enough that at least by my mom’s time it had been given its humorous twist already!

        1. Ah, so. That means we’ve been wanting to ‘unplug*’ since at least your mother’s time. Hmm. That speaks much about how ‘plugged*’ we’ve been!

          * Using Kevin’s words below. And, indeed, the world’s.

  2. When I was a pastor, one of the most well received, well remembered sermon series I gave was called “Unplugged.” It was four or five sermons about the importance of disengagement from busy-ness and the hectic lifestyle of today. That was 15 or so years ago, before our world became nearly as plugged in to everything as it is now. I’ve always thought unplugging was a strength of mine, but even I find it hard now to find those moments of silence, stillness and disengagement that refresh our souls. Fortunately now I live by the ocean, so when I get too overwhelmed and over-stimulated I can walk along the beach and let the waves soothe me. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. The ocean must be so calming, Kevin. I long for its embrace. From the beach, really. I’d be too scared to venture in. At least until I am brave enough to let its vastness engulf me even as I bob up and down the waves… πŸ™‚

    1. As I said to shoreacres above, I didn’t realise the saying wasn’t the other way round. One learns every day!

      I haven’t read much of or by Osho, but recently got a book of his discourses in which I read about the book Don’t just do something, sit there. It must be interesting. I like his ruthless insistence on saying things as he sees them.

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