Chain Links Chain


Falls down,

Yellow blanket cover.

Green leaves rise up.




Could last.

Or, it could

Let me breathe new.




Isn’t needed

When you must

Look at me so.




Your words

On me and

My alarmed, surprised mind.




And fly.

Or stay here.

Choose me, do. Please.




Is nonsense.

A tool unkind.

Why give with greed?




There goes

Our dratted chutzpah.

Bring it back now.




Animals sing.

And dance, too.

See them pluck bacchanalia.




Was your

Erring gift then.

Ignorance it is now.




Say it.

Again, and again.

And then laugh loud.





From Flickr - fa73
From Flickr – fa73

Without meaning to, I wrote exactly 10 Elfchen. I like this form of poetry for many reasons — it was designed to teach a language, its simplicity, its depth, its brevity, its wordiness. This is a chain of Elfchen I learnt to make from a German site on poetry. There is an ongoing Elfchen chain open to all (who can write in German), where you pick up from the last word and make one poem and submit. Nice, na?

Note: To know more about Elfchen, visit an old post of mine. Or, if you are a seeker of new places, visit this very interesting post here.

Be well, stay well.


16 thoughts on “Chain Links Chain”

  1. I know I read another blogger who does Elfchen… but I can’t find them just now. In any event, I know the word. It took your explanation for me to figure out that you were “chaining” poems. It’s quite clever – and I like seeing ennui here. I have ennui in my current, too. It’s certainly getting around these days – it must have found some energy!

    1. Thank you for teaching me a new word — segue. I like the sound of it.
      And yes, it is fun once you’re on. But beginning it is a little difficult. And then, reading it a day later is worse. You* realise you’ve just written garbage.

      *By you I mean me. You (I mean you) write with divinity in your pen.

  2. The feature I appreciate about this style of poetry is the bridging, as well. There’s a flow to it. I can count on that flow that frees a reader to wallow in the words.

      1. Ha ha!! 🙂 Thanks to the company of all those intelligent people I have been surrounding with, I could fit the bill of a super-wise person. 🙂
        I hope these days you are busy with your future writing projects.

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