Your head.

It might shake

At the sight strange.

Big egos lugging us,

Showing TV to snare.

And us skipping tea we made.

Shake your head all you want, dear you.

The war’s on in here, you’re invited.

Just tweet me when you’re ready, I’ll tweet back.


Note: This form of poetry is called Etheree, and it moves me like no other form, I’ve realised. If you’d like to know what it is about, visit here.


17 thoughts on “Nonsense”

  1. Hello dear friend,
    I found your post on my reader! what a treat to come upon a new etheree of yours.
    I’m impressed that you’d skip tea, but I’m not sure about the war. Are you watching it on TV?

    1. Do you mean you normally don’t find my posts on your Reader? Shoot the Reader!
      The war’s on everywhere, Rosie. Especially in the virtual world, no? People want to get better, look better, seem better. But all of this, without holding any responsibility for their actions and capabilities.
      I am still thinking of that list from the stagecoach people. We need some honourable stuff in our youth’s routine, too.

  2. My Dear Priya,
    I have been missing your pieces! I have been marked as ‘following’ on the page, but haven’t been getting the emails!
    I have now ‘re-followed’ – let’s see how that goes… Best wishes, Your Pal Dave.

  3. What a treat to re-find your blog and your etherees. You were the person who taught me that word a couple of years ago and I’m impressed that you keep writing them – each one intriguing, each one with so many metaphors and meanings. A great way for me to start the weekend.

  4. Ah! I didn’t get an email for this post, but did for your newest. So here I am with two delights to read!
    And how lovely that you’ve done an Etheree, too. I like the form – it has a little more room to scootch around in than a haiku or such. I’m not sensitive or Zen or minimalist or whatever-enough to really make the haiku sing.

    I still laugh to think it was a woman in Arkansas who developed the form. I have a cousin in Arkansas, and some friends. People here laugh at Arkansans, saying they’re “hicks”. Country people, and all that. No matter. Plain spoken can have its own beauty.

    1. I am not a poet, but Etheree, the name, the elegance of it, has made me fall in love with it.
      You might not be Zen or minimalist or any of that, but you do make your creations sing. That’s a big achievement.
      It is remarkable how we label. And that the labels are normally misguided. Arkansas (the last s is silent, is it not?) has given Etheree, and it’s anything but “hick”. The word reminds me of cartoon characters drinking too much alcohol.

      1. I just looked for all the Etheree I’ve posted here, and they are not half as much as I’d thought they’d be! I must change that. In the meantime, should you wish to read more of them here, visit the widget on the right sidebar. My all time favourites are If time wins and Dismissed too soon.

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