Breaking Heddles


When two people come together to start a family, they do so because the years of training has taught them to honour the social vehicle that carries forth the seed of permanence of accepted values and the heddle that facilitates the warping and wefting of its fabric. What if they come together to just be, because they just are what they are together? What if what they change with time? Does their personal fabric change? Society has made more or less a foolproof system of carrying on the interdependence and dependence, thereby ensuring its perpetuation. What if two, and then two more, and then many more, break that perpetuation and make new rules? What if there is no heddle to guide the weft through the warp, only intuition and your very own fingers of respect?


6 thoughts on “Breaking Heddles”

  1. Interesting analogy. I didn’t know what a “heddle” was – once I learned that, thing became more clear. I’m not sure what happens if many, many people break the heddle and make new rules, but I have a feeling we may be in the process of finding out.

    Your photo is beautiful, by the way. White flowers are my favorites, and these are gorgeous.

    1. India has a plethora of white flowers, all with a gentle, mild fragrance. I suppose the lack of colours is to soothe the eyes during the intense heat! These are doodh mogras, a kind of jasmine. I tried to find out an English name for you, but the Internet doesn’t know!
      While growing up, I had the opportunity to visit a number of handloom workshops and found myself very fascinated with the system. The family system reminds me of an intricate weave, hence the analogy. But I had to look for the word heddle, too! All in a day’s learning.
      Lovely to see you here, Linda.

  2. Maybe I should just come n read here, even if I can’t keep up with the ‘fresh’ beginning. There is this connection with your writing I feel. It’s baffling because I don’t know why it’s there. At the same time, it’s cathartic to read you. I know exactly what you are saying here. At least I think I do. I guess that is what makes it so..

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