She Hoops!

The evening was promising to turn into a starry night. Aster knew nothing of it, however. She wanted to practice hoop dancing she had learnt from the Periwinkle Princess in the morning. Round and round she went, and round and round went her hoop around her. Jumpy was looking at her as he played the flute. He was a little tired; he had been playing since the morning, after all. But, unaware, Aster went on, round and round. The grass beneath her was looking a little less green, but it didn’t complain because Aster was such a darling. And she wasn’t going to hoop dance forever, was she?

Was she?

When Jumpy managed to get her attention, he showed her the clear water they had collected from around Squishy’s pond.

“A little sip to keep you going?” Jumpy showed her the water. Aster shook her head first while twirling the hoop around her right arm, but then she thought something and decided to take a break anyway.

“Isn’t this fun, Jumpy?!” She breathed her words out.

“It must be. And exciting, too,” he said, wise as always.

“It sure is! Do you want to learn it?”

“I could, but my wings would get in the way. And I think it is a little exhausting, too.”

“Exhausting? I wouldn’t know. All I see is the fun and the fun of it.”

“So, it isn’t exhausting?” asked he, picking up his flute and looking at it with intense affection.

“It might be. But isn’t fun important?”

“Of course, of course. But what fun is fun if you are too busy dancing for it?”

“But it is the dancing that is fun, Jumpy!” pouted Aster.

“I haven’t seen you smiling that fun smile ever once since your second dance, my friend.”

The night had waded in. Stars shone, and Aster lay down on the grass, sighing.

“I am exhausted, yes I am,” she said.

Jumpy said to her, “Then rest, little star. And dance tomorrow as long as you remember fun.”


Note to the reader: I came to know that my previous post had somehow managed to escape my Dashboard without the express permission to accept comments. I apologise, but do not take the blame. I have corrected the mistake, anyway. So, if you read Panic, and wondered why the comments were disabled, wonder no more. I have enabled them, and shall make sure I do so with every new post.
Have fun today! But not too much!

8 thoughts on “She Hoops!”

  1. Jumpy, Aster, Squishy… you’ve got great names for your characters. I assume this is part of a children’s story? I can’t guess what kind of insects – only that they have wings. I first thought dragonflies but they don’t dance do they?

    Nice ending:
    “…rest, little star. And dance tomorrow as long as you remember fun.”

    1. I started writing about Aster on a whim, Rosie. And Jumpy the grasshopper makes for a perfect friend. Each name has a story behind it, so they are a little special. This is the third in the series, and I gratefully remember that you enjoyed the others as well. I am not sure about it becoming a part of a children’s book, but I am sure I rather enjoy creating these situations for the characters.

  2. Jumpy reminded me of one time I choreographed & performed a regional dance in college. After, my to-be husband said to me, in the group you were most familiar with the style & knew the steps best, but you weren’t the best. When I asked why, he said you weren’t smiling…. 🙂

    Seems I missed the other stories. But then, I have been away more. I find the new look here (fonts n colours) very pleasing. And your new gravatar is lovely.. brings a smile to my face everytime I look at it.

    1. Could it be that you weren’t smiling because you’d choreographed and were too busy thinking whether the others were doing their jobs well? Smile does make a lot of difference, doesn’t it?
      I am happy to see you back and hope that you will, one of these days, find time to read the older posts and comment there, too. In the Acknowledgements section of my book, I’ve written about AIT — “She makes me want to write. Period.” So you jolly well be around!

  3. I agree with Rosie: This feels like part of a wonderful book for children. I like the names, too, and especially that Jumpy is sitting still, watching Aster jump around.

  4. Ok this is my first visit here and the first post I read. Lovely character names but I dunno why am seeing beyond them deeper into the life we see and what we experience so often. One night’s sleep can do wonders figuratively as well as literally 🙂

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