Thank You!

Thank you for being around, reader.

Bela’s sleeping, and I am here, translating. Or should be translating. When I habitually hit the Random Post button on my blog here, it took me for the umpteenth time to Weather Me Well, an Etheree I wrote a while back, claiming to want to get back to being people-happy. I am people-happy. A blog with no interaction is not me. But a blog — two blogs — with responsibilities is something I am not sure I can manage very well.

In this quandary of wanting and shrugging and biting fingernails, I’d like to take some time off, please, and think a little about what I can do with these two blogs to keep myself, and hopefully you, loyal, wonderful, wowing reader, happy. Be patient, won’t you?

This is us. Doing everything but blogging.
This is us. Doing everything but blogging.