I Am, Strangely, in the Mood.

Self conscious
Taken from the Facebook page of Self Conscious

Association is a good thing. If you are the imaginative kind, association grips your hand, and guides you firmly around its landscape. If you see, for instance, the intricate weave of a Benarasi silk from the heart of India, you might want to liken it with the close weft and woof of your life — the things that inter-weave, sometime intertwine, to make you you.

You are nature, of course. But then what creates you as you are? Surely you are one of a kind? How does nature — how do you — keep track of you?

Why think of associations? Why make a weave where there is a single, free-flowing yarn? Is there no such thing as a single, free-flowing yarn?

Thank you for allowing me to pass on my questions to you, reader.