Love, perhaps, is also the only entity in existence, that makes things happen without fail. Positive things, negative things. Things that make this world what it is today. How can love be a mere entity? It is an entire world.

People’s days begin and end with one or the other form of love — love for coffee, sex, wife, mother, conquest, money, painting, gardening, gun-toting, Christmas carols. Who knows the form in which it enters the mind, and indeed heart, of a person and takes over their being. When you love, you also hate. If you love a mug of coffee in the morning, you hate a morning without a mug of coffee. When you love red socks, you hate it when you find only yellow ones to buy. Such intricate web of emotional adventure it conjures!

Does a love for a person also cause some kind of hatred? When you love a person, do you also hate them? Or something else? What is that something? Their absence? Their suffering, perhaps. Sometimes the thwarting of your expectations, too. Love, I think, makes you feel a vibrant range of things. If it were to make a rainbow of all that it can produce in you, the result might succeed in blinding your eyes.

Like you, I love. Like you, I hate as a consequence. Is there an escape? Is one needed?

With feather and mouth


4 thoughts on “Rainbow-Gazing”

  1. Finally your posts are showing up in my Reader! I’m so happy! As for love bringing with it, hate. I don’t know. I think probably what it is, is that love is such a strong emotion that it opens up the senses to other strong emotions.

    I love your photo. Beautiful. 🙂

    1. That’s exactly it, I think. Love’s strength opens up unexplored boundaries and territories.
      This is Monster. Our fish in our old home. We had to give him away because such a long journey might have been very bad for his health. He grew up to epic proportions.
      I wonder why my posts don’t show up. The whole world hates me!

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