Wise words, if there ever were.


It is pointless to look at what someone has achieved, when you are on your way to blossoming, too. Just look at yourself!


10 thoughts on “Wise words, if there ever were.”

  1. Or, as Flannery O’Connor said, ” “To develop at all as a writer I have to develop in my own way…” Just because a zinnia isn’t a tulip or a rose doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful.

  2. Love the blossoming part – it is truly a miracle that we grow as we do, flower as we do, with all of the obstacles life puts in our way. We ‘should’ compliment ourselves once in awhile for that progress!

      1. Hmm. That opens a new train of thoughts. Are artists then predetermined to be the way they are? Creative, sensitive, prepared to be open? What if they aren’t ‘professionally’ or ‘amateurly’ or any-ly artists? Do they forget these traits? I’d like that last question answered more than any other!

  3. You are a spectacular flower, Priya…long may you blossom and bloom – the world acknowledges YOU…the writer, the daughter and now, the mommie! 🙂

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