The Art of Tasting Buds

From Weather Me Well — Retained for the sake of the readers’ comments


Words spill out before actions do. That’s what happens when you are me.

I am planning a book. And because of it, two things will happen.

1. I shall sate my urge of writing by writing the book. And if, if, I want to take a break from that writing, I’ll write something else, and, perhaps, mail it to you, demanding sweet nothings.

2. I shall ask you to vote.

Number one doesn’t need anymore explanation. Number two does.

Here’s the plan:

A storybook for adults. (If you plan to discourage me from drowning in insanity yet again, try it, I won’t budge.) What I want you to do, dear reader, is to tell me what turns an adult’s cogwheels of the mind the most.

I’ll explain. The ‘storybook’ I am planning will be a collection of short stories — illustrated with images of things, objects, places, relevant to India a person from outside may not be familiar with so that the eager readers are able to imagine freely — based on a concept that a thinking adult will find worth his/her reading time. What should the concept, the focal point be? Trust? Faith? Money? Heartbreak? Ambition? Something like a ‘moral of the story’ without any particular moral. I’ve thought of the following, tell me your pick. Or name a different one.








When will the book be out? When I’m done. Until then, rejoice that I have finally tasted the bud of purpose.



10 thoughts on “The Art of Tasting Buds”

  1. As I’ve mentioned before, I love reading books set in India and I love your stories so basically I’m interested in whatever you feel like telling us about your wonderful country. If I have to chose what kind of stories, I don’t like downer stories, so I’d chose “trust” in your list.

    1. Thank you, Rosie. You give me the ‘it’ to venture onward.

      I randomly chose the topics, remembering that most adults spend time thinking about one or the other of these things, not necessarily in a sad sort of a way. Take, deception for instance. A story about deception could have an alcoholic father bringing up his little girl with a lie that her mother died, whereas she is some big corporate honcho somewhere, too ambitious to stay back. Or some such. It could make a beautifully poignant story, without being overtly sad. No?

      P.S. I just thought of the above plot and I like it. Maybe I’ll use it!

  2. I, too, love your new gravatar. What the heck is a gravatar, anyway?The word seems a bit grave. I would vote for selfishness because I’d love to see how you handle the topic and i think it is a misunderstood and largely denied concept.

    1. Gravatar, I am sure, is the word-invention of the graphic generation for the purpose of evoking a sense of mystery and ‘style’. Much like Brangelina.
      Selfishness! My favourite. Let’s see whether I’ll be able to pick it up this time. (I will, eventually).

  3. I think Trust and Loneliness would play off each other very well. It’s trust in others (and in ourselves) that allows us to step away from loneliness, whenever we feel the need. Whatever theme you choose, you’ll treat it with complete love and skill. I’m sure of that.

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