And so she found her shine

Little Aster was a tiny being in a world of big, imposing ones. She often hopped and skipped from flower to flower, petal to petal because this is what she did best. Today, however, she was sitting glum on a shiny white pebble. When Jumpy the grasshopper asked her why she wasn’t her usual self, she said, “I’ve forgotten how to! I woke up this morning, shook off the dewlets, and promptly forgot what I am supposed to do!” To make her distress clearer, or because the distress was too distressing to handle, she began to cry.

“Come on, now, Aster. Who forgets their purpose?” Jumpy asked foolishly, for little did he understand her confusion.

“I do. I have!” and she began to cry again, forming little dewlets of her own on the shiny white pebble.

Jumpy was distressed to see his friend so distressed. So he hopped on to fetch someone, anyone who would know better than him. But no one was! So, he came back, and sat beside the sad Aster. After hours and hours of sitting, Jumpy’s colourful winglets perked up and he said, “Hey! I know!”

“What do you know, Jumpy?” asked little Aster, still distressed.

“I know what you are supposed to do. And why, too! You are supposed to hop and skip from flower to flower, petal to petal, because it makes you so happy, you shine. And when you shine, Aster, the world shines. You are supposed to make the world shine!”
And then he looked at his little friend with immense anticipation.
Little Aster’s face lit up. It shone! And she got up and skipped and hopped. She hopped and skipped from flower to flower, petal to petal. And the world shone.



18 thoughts on “And so she found her shine”

  1. Congratulations Priya! This will be a marvelous children’s picture book.

    I spent some time oohing and aahing at the picture. Whose house is it with all those dahlias in the garden?

  2. …and that is why we have friends! They buck us up and lift our spirit and give us the reason to persevere and endeavour in this beautiful world.. Thank you, Priya, for this wonderful reminder..a lovely piece! God bless.

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