Getting there, feeling woozy.

My head twirls

along with the winds

that harken new times.

Times of newness,

times with old things.

Protect myself from

my own lacking.

Divide myself,

and then pick every piece

to multiply my being.


It is tough

to not live like this.

Like this, where

my head twirls

with every twirling wisp

that beckons my future.

14 thoughts on “Getting there, feeling woozy.”

  1. “Protect myself from… my own lacking…Divide myself…and then pick every piece….to multiply my being” – One word for these lines; which is “Beautiful”. I liked this poem a lot.

  2. Priya I’m always in awe at your skill with words.
    Like Arindam I keep going back and re-reading that middle stanza:

    “Protect myself from/my own lacking./ Divide myself,/ and then pick every piece/ to multiply my being.”

    It’s a brilliant poem for a new Mother rejoicing in her new role.

    1. Rosie, I admire your skill with words — the way you effortlessly make a reader at home.

      Being a new mother is great. except when your lil’ munchkin has a runny nose! she woke up as i was typing to you. now she’s in my arms, waiting to be hugged more! gotta go!

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