An exception

Though I had thought of not posting any poetry or literary material here, I am making an exception today for this double Etheree.




I, too.



And angry.

We fight with words.

We wilt with them.

You smile a wan smile,

I return it, pale.

You give me defences.

I give you more reasons.

Fight progresses everyday,

You kill, I kill more, more, more!

Our eyes smile with nothing at all.

Our lips speak with meaninglessness.

We are a showpiece out there, smiling.

Our hands meet to touch, they do nothing.

My mind reels with abuses I could’ve said.

You look away, and I know yours does, too.

12 thoughts on “An exception”

  1. Beautifully done. And, interestingly, a nearly perfect description of the state of things for much of my country. This hasn’t been a normal election – the nastiness of the campaign is continuing, and won’t so easily be set aside.

    I just discovered Etherees this year, and love them. I’ve never seen this particular form, though, and really do like it. They’re very challenging.

    1. Linda, I am painfully unaware of the election details. But politics is the same everywhere, is it not?

      I am proud of my Etherees. I normally feel shy of my writing, but not of these poems.

      Bela is calling me! Let me come back and complete this!

      1. I’m back.

        Etherees seem like a friend that was meant to be, Linda. I was never very comfortable with the delicateness of poetry, but somehow with Etheree, I am more at home.

        This particular style, called double etheree, is something I recently found out about while I was looking for an apt description of the form while researching for my book. I came across a couple of interesting blogs featuring this form. If you are interested, perhaps I could forward you those. Or you could simply search for it in Google.

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