Office Romance

She got up this morning, awash with broken dreams.

Letting her hair down was a choice she made yesterday.

Jabbing her mobile phone in the handbag, deliberating schemes.

“I must get over him now. Or, no! I must teach him a lesson.”

Six months ago was so fresh in her mind,

When she met him. And he met her eyes.

“They’re so beautiful, lady, they have mine twined,”

Said he with his brandy-warm lilt.

Waving down an auto, she smiled a wan smile.

How could she have not seen his snake-charm?

Getting all romantic and tipsy over lonely women was old style.

Much she had heard about this, much had she laughed.

Her marriage had lasted exactly six months, terrible.

It dissolved when her husband found it in him to hit;

To massacre love with a mere flower vase, and an ego unbearable.

That had been 5 years back; that was then, and this is pitiful now.

This man had swaggered to her everyday since he became her assistant.

Such finesse, such maturity he had on his tongue, in his eyes, and around his tush, too.

Many a night they had spent together in pubs, then he returned to his wife and kids – duty was persistent.

They never shared anything except mental stimulation, and titillation, of course.

And then came this fiend, this beautiful woman, but a bitch, too.

He swaggered to her everyday since she became his assistant.

“They’re so beautiful, lady, they have mine twined,” said he, looking at her eyes, and seeing a screw.

How pathetic is she to accept leftovers! How horrid her guile.

Maybe she’d ask him out for a drink tonight, she thought in the elevator.

For he was, after all, a ladies’ man.

He couldn’t possibly feel for this fiend the way he’d felt for her, he wasn’t a baiter!

She saw her reflection in the mirror, a pale copy of her youth.

Maybe she should get that nose fixed, or this butt.

“The coffee isn’t on the table, damn!” She muttered.

“Where’s this assistant of mine with his cheeky strut?”

“I’ll take Meryl’s offer and lunch with her after years, after all.”


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