Look At Flowers, And Smile.

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12 thoughts on “Look At Flowers, And Smile.”

  1. I would dally more, inhale more and write more – but there are weeds in my wordpress garden. I’ve been freshly pressed, despite my fervent prayers it never happen. I just wanted you to know I’m truly following, have been, seen and will be back when the chaos subsides 😉

    Beautiful, beautiful blossoms!

    1. Should I congratulate you, or shouldn’t I? I think I will. When the weeds have gone away, you will notice the precious plants even better. For, I am sure there will be a lot of them! Congratulations! I shall await your return.

    1. No, AIT, these are from a garden we often visit. Most of them are, actually. Barring a few, which were from my home in Doon. I am at neither of these places. I am in Durg! “For how long” will be a more interesting question.

      1. Ohhh no no.. everything looked better here yesterday!

        Interesting question, indeed. Do you know then? This information makes the post I read yesterday more interesting. It must have been a task to set up such a nice home with little Bela to look after.

      2. I changed the theme (picked the first I saw) to accommodate the static page I now have to the blog.

        Some questions are better left moot. Adds to the fun, no?

        And, happy reading!

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