Enough, really.

The past year has been full of overwhelming changes, mostly good. I must thank The Great Unseen* for giving me the kind of nature’s bounty that is, well, overwhelming.

As a consequence, and as weak people are wont to, I feel an uncontrollable rush, a sort of impatient frenzy, to do. Do, do, do. Which is perhaps (no, definitely) why I keep doing, and forgo rest sometimes, which is ill-advised at this point in my life, I am told. In order to maintain a balance between this urge to do (organise the house, water the plants, feed the fish, work, wait for the lily to grow, write.) besides being with my young daughter, and rest, I am trying to form a schedule. It is something very new to me. I was never bound by schedule, even when I was supposed to be — in school, college, at a work place. Well, one can’t always resist.

So, since my mulish head is not going to stop writing and increasing my fan base, I’ve decided to limit my writing and reading days. The easy thing was to choose today and tomorrow. Since I’ve spent a good number of hours blogging today, Wednesdays are going to be my post days, and Thursdays my commenting days. Let’s see how disciplined I’ll be!

For today’s post, in keeping with the purpose of this blog — to post stories and poetry — I am going to (be cheeky and copy-paste to) post a tiny tale that I love and had published a long time back in the blog that I’d deleted. These are the kind of stories I used to tell my husband before we slept.


Once upon a time, two people lived alongside a river; a man and a woman. They woke up every morning to the gleam of rippling water against the faint light of dawn. They did not want anything else. Just the river would suffice forever and more.


* Bela’s Bright Ideas provided this splendid term for what many call God, etc. You can read the engaging post here


22 thoughts on “Enough, really.”

  1. It’s good to see how each of us are experimenting with different ways to fit our blogging in without neglecting life. I used to read blogs on weekends, but even that time has been munched up.

    I love this photo. If this is the terrain around you, it looks so very much like my home turf as a young person.

    It feels very good having you back, my unpredictable friend. πŸ™‚

    1. “My unpredictable friend” πŸ™‚ Without ever realising, I suppose I wanted such a description. I suppose that is so because I wanted someone to acknowledge my unpredictability without my having to claim it. But then, I am aware my actions do enough to prove just how I am! πŸ˜‰

      This picture was taken around my husband’s home. We don’t live there, but visit whenever we can. Beautiful, isn’t it? Places one spends youth in are always special.

      I am not sure I’ll be able to stick to this tactic, but I intend to!

  2. Oh my gosh, I thought for a moment there that your little Bela already had her own blog! πŸ˜‰

    You know, I used to live by a schedule so tight and so rigorous that now, in my new post-retirement “career,” I simply can not live inside a schedule. I’m totally random these days.

    Good luck with your new routine.

    1. I do need luck, I think. And your description of you is so me. Which is perhaps luck is what’ll see me through!

      The picture is of a river that provides water to a set of people very short of it (the hill folk don’t get drinkable water, usually). It’s a precious one, the river.

    1. Have a good week, too. Must come and see your pictures. Oh, Sandra! I want to come to Goa soooo bad.

      P.S. Organisation will have to be forced, if you’re not the organising kind. I speak from experience. πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve lost hope of having a schedule for now. I am always just fitting in things between other things. That is getting very tiresome. I need a real change.

    1. When I do not have a schedule, I find myself behaving like an ill-mannered child, who wants it all, all at once. It won’t do, if I have to enjoy doing things. This little change, I am hopeful, will make me focus on other things on other days. Otherwise, I keep thinking about blogging, writing, babying, relaxing, all of the time!
      Try a little something like this. Perhaps you’ll like it?

    1. Lovely to see you here, Marusia! I was under the impression that you’d subscribed to my blog when it was still private. Silly me for mixing it up!

      I hope to be able to miraculously find a balance, somehow. Still struggling!

  4. I wrote a longish response to your attempting a schedule in this phase of life. But then I saw, Charles has said it perfectly! πŸ™‚

    The picture and its text remind me of a similar wish, after we returned from a holiday in these parts. I must thank you for reminding me of it again.

    1. Is your gravatar from that trip?

      As I type this, Bela’s stirring in her sleep, ready to wake up. I suppose I’ll have to postpone my reading for later in the day. But normally I am able to take an hour out during all her naps. Since this is only for two days a week, I’m able to manage it. For now, of course.

  5. Best of luck on your plans. Just like you I was never good at scheduling things or prioritizing them in right order, and I am still not good at that and hopefully I will never be good at that. I wish the other way for you. πŸ™‚

  6. I am always longing for “enough”. Sometimes I stick to schedules and sometimes…err…well, let’s not talk about that. But I do think we need to listen to our inner rhythms to determine what’s enough and what’s just our mulishness demanding to “do”. That river shot and story are inspirational.

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