Bela’s been very generous today. As well as Bhartan. She is lying here next to me after having stayed with Bhartan for most of this Sunday. I miss her when she’s not around, but also feel like a little kid wanting to quickly do things she normally doesn’t get to — take a long shower, paint toenails, make a nice cup of tea, put eye-drops in my aching eyes, write. Write.

Here’s another etheree. I wrote a couple a few weeks back — about the ocean and about my daughter.  I am going to try to write for them both today. I do not know how it’ll turn out. Let’s see.




My heart

For a bit.

Yes, you do that.

And then, you take it.

Your touch lifts it right up,

And then, ’tis eternity.

Forever intoxicating;

Your rush, and then your peace, your warm soul.

Take my heart, now. And keep it there, in you.

Images: Mogra/Bela flower from, sea mist from Pictures joined in a collage on


20 thoughts on “Intoxicated.”

  1. That’s what loving someone is all about – the ultimate offer of one’s heart. Lovely words, Priya and I’m happy that you got a break!

  2. You’ve entered the push/pull of motherhood. Love the time to yourself, but miss a piece of yourself when you are by yourself.

    Beautiful etheree. These fascinate me. I’m too undisciplined to attempt anything so precisely perfect.

    1. Etherees fascinate me, too. What I like about the form is that it is easier to play with than the others. I am sure you’ll be able to manage it, too. Just think of a thing that moves you deeply, and you will have an etheree!

      Writing you an email! Just got an idea.

    1. Bela, my daughter, is someone I could spend hours with. The fact that I sometimes do not spend my time with her makes our little reunions all that more precious. As I write this, she’s employing her newly-found yell-voice and using it to the hilt with her Baba. Gosh, it’s so heart-warming.

    1. I wonder about the ‘how many times’ too, Amy. Especially when I think of my mother. They’re right when they say that a woman understands her mother in a new light when she’s given birth herself. It’s a heady, overwhelming feeling.

      My brother becomes even more important in my thoughts with each passing day. What am I to do! XO right back.

  3. We have so many descriptions of love that imply helplessness and absence of will or power. I fell in love. She stole my heart. He swept me off my feet. But what you’re talking about is different. “Take my heart, now. And keep it there, in you.” It comes from the other direction, and seems deeper and more beautiful.

    1. I like the way you put it. I am sure the other expressions mean ‘complete surrender’, as Amy describes it. That isn’t easy, I think. The other direction — that of complete permission — is somehow easier, more enjoyable.

      I enjoy your visits.

  4. Val sent me over to look at your blog–it’s very beautiful. As is your poetry and photography and sharing of your life. Reading blogs like yours make me realize how small the **heart** of the world can be–and so very large.

    1. Kathy, Welcome!

      First, allow me to apologise for taking this long to reply. I am getting used to the delay myself, for I’ll have to continue keeping to this Thursday-for-responses schedule if I have to blog without feeling guilty of getting away from my little girl! I am sure you’ll understand.

      Thank you for your kind comment, and a very thoughtful one, too. “… how small the heart of the world can be — and so very large.” That’s how I’d describe the world’s heart as well. To be able to convey that through my writing will be an honour.

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