Criminal Instincts

This stack of bricks lay in front of my house for more than a month, it is gone now, but not without leaving me a little unsettled about my latent tendencies.

Whenever I see a pile of bricks like this, I want to sneak real close to it, and steal a few of them. I know nobody will catch me — they’re always unguarded, these bricks are. I could use them for several things at home. Grow moss on them. use them as sturdy bases for the umpteen tin boxes my parents have stored on my rooftop, put them somewhere so that I could admire their colour. Well, I do like their colour. It is exciting to know all that one could do with stolen bricks. Gloating on one’s criminal achievement is another extremely handy pick-me-up. 

I do have a criminal instinct, I think. I’ve known it for a while. An instinct for thievery. Not the shoplifter kind. Not the kleptomaniac kind (although the admiration with which I look at people’s tchotchke when I visit their drawing rooms just might give them the impression that I might have it). But rather a petty thief kind. Like when you go to an orchard and see an apple and know that it is not permitted to pick one, you will. Or, you visit a person’s house and you see a shiny, cheap piece of glass you take a fancy for and cleverly put it in your pocket. That kind, I am afraid.

Do you have a criminal instinct, you think? If yes, what kind? Would you tell me?


6 thoughts on “Criminal Instincts”

  1. OMG, yes. I wonder if we all do?! Mine is when I’m being charged too much by a big corporate store – I want to steal all I can from them! I don’t have the same impulse anywhere else – I can definitely admire what others possess and not wish for the same. But the big box stores? Aye-yiyi!

  2. Robin Hood-y, eh? Well that’s noble, hardly criminal. And we need more like you, you know? Especially the ones who actually go ahead and do it! That’d be such fun. 😉

  3. How imaginative with the brick, Priya!
    Sadly, I don’t have your kind. But yes, once I was told by my office accountant that I had a spending limit of Rs.30 for meals on my architecture/ interior design sites. That was a long long time back but even for that time, it was a ridiculously low amount. After that, I made sure to cheat a few extra rupees on my auto/ cab fares (since they couldn’t ask me for a bill for that). Charging my MNC office 11/- for an 8/- auto fare gave me such a thrill 🙂

    1. I know how that’d feel. Rs. 30 couldn’t have fetched anything. Vada paav, maybe? I do like it, but on a site office, it would get a little too oily, no? Do you like vada paav? Our stay in Pune helped us develop a taste for it. Especially with the shinga chutney!

  4. I have the same thought when I see a big pile of firewood. A few logs out of hundreds — who would miss them? Luckily, I don’t have a fireplace.

    Are there any bricks missing from that second photograph?

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