Changes. Whims. More Changes.

I am a slave of my own mind and heart. That’s as far as I’ll go with slavery, really. You’ve read my posts, been patient with all that I did with my blog(s). Please continue to show the same patience, and the same interest.

The little girl in the picture above hasn’t changed much (She’s been coloured by Val Erde of If you’d like some of your old black and white pictures coloured, or enjoy interesting imagery and engaging conversation, visit her). Well, so, the little girl hasn’t really changed much. She likes distraction, she likes to change her mind, she hates it when people take her pictures in a photo studio. And since she likes changes, she’s changed her knock knees to rap ones.

I hated deleting my old blog, so I’ve decided to revive it, not with the same name, though. Months back, I started a photo blog in anonymity, but could not continue with it. When I deleted PV, I exported all of the posts to Particularly Interested, the photo blog, and made it private. But I am reopening it. Which means, dear reader, I am saying I am a fool. I am going to try managing two blogs. Well, yes. Snigger all you want, I am going to try.

Weather Me Well for stories and poems (mostly etherees, I think)

Particularly Interested for whimsical nothings (and old posts from days of yore).

Here’s a little ditty to make my child-driven mind happier:


Get me, get me.

Get me a little more!

Get me, get me?

Get me or you’re a bore!



10 thoughts on “Changes. Whims. More Changes.”

  1. Good luck, Priya, with running two blogs. Aside from one of mine which I turned into a website recently, I find coping with one enough for my time and energy. Thanks for posting the photo I coloured and for the link. 🙂 You were such a cute little girl. And you’ve got one of your own now. 🙂

    By the way, the link to your new(ish) blog isn’t working. This is the URL you need for it:

    I’m going to try now to read some of your previous posts. My ‘net connection cuts out regularly for two hours or more each night which makes continuity difficult. (I hope this comment will post).

    1. With Bela, everything else is a blur, Val. And yet, there is something in me that wants to keep writing. I want to know that my words are read. I want to know that when I publish a book — which I must — people will read it. The blog has that way become a means to an end. But, because I can hardly spare time for writing, leave alone reading, it’s a laughable venture. I am all gung-ho nevertheless! Let’s see.

      Thank you for letting me know about the link. I’ve mended it.

      The comment posted and I can see that you read my previous posts. Thank you!

    1. 🙂 I forget to write my name below the comment, Georgette. But now that you know it’s me, I don’t need to!
      It needed less than courage to delete the blog. It needed cowardice. At any rate, none of the posts are lost. I do regret losing readers. You’re all marvellous in perking my spirits up.

  2. Oh boy, Priya, I’m with Val…one blog is certainly enough for me. I’ve had to cut way back on my posting and reading and that certainly affects my readership. I’ve had to question why I write. I trust that if my writing is worthwhile, people will come – through all the world’s chaos, clutter and noise.

    I’m interested in how you revived PI after canning it. Was it hard?

    1. Bela is playing with Bhartan right in front of me as I type this. Yesterday was easy, too. If I can continue like this everyday, I just might be able to do it!

      Why I write is a complicated concept. I know my words get ‘lonely’ without readers. But that’s not all. I also want readers to provide me the confidence-prop that I can write. That if I write, people will read. It’s become a necessity. My insecurity is recent, but I hope that with time, I’ll get back to where you are today — confident. It’s a wonderful place to be in, no?

      The previous blog, its name, was — is — something I relate to. I deleted it without any emotion. When I’d done it, I felt nothing. But in subsequent weeks, I felt like I’d lost something, which was more than my readers. I knew I wouldn’t dare to lose all the posts and comments, so I’d saved them, but the place itself was so precious.

      PI was a blog I’d started sometime last year to post pictures anonymously. It came handy to save the posts. Last week, after writing the posts about Charles and Ursula, I decided to revive it. I do not remember why, but I do remember that you had a hand in it. Let me try to remember, and I’ll continue replying!

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