The Ocean

I’d been wanting to write a poem with my own rules, after Amy McLeod from Soul Dipper once suggested. I’d also been wanting to write something about the ocean, a being I miss more and more each day. Here’s an “aabb aabb cdcd” poem with crazy alliteration I wrote this afternoon as Bela slept.

The pictures are Rosie’s (from Wondering Rose) contribution — a little tweaked (sorry Rosie).

I feel like a self-proclaimed shayar (poet of the Urdu couplet, sher), who’s often laughed at, and dreaded, for insisting on showcasing his latest, often forgettable, creation. But, what the heck.


Found a tiny shell in your fringes, dear ocean.

If I shook it much, would it offer a loving potion?

Would it send me a faraway dream fulfilled,

On which I could this castle rebuild?


Lose us in your depths, dear sea.

Won’t you gather us β€” me and me β€” in harmony?

Pick us up, bit by bit in your bellows,

And blow your secret to us until the heart mellows.


Make me merry, I say oh dear cupful,

Were I to my own mutinous mind forsake.

Great giant, gracious counsel, give us a pull.

Let us, me and me, to our own selves awake.



19 thoughts on “The Ocean”

  1. Reminds me of my 9th std English poetry collection, Panorama. A touch of Wadsworth, Longfellow – right here:
    “Pick us up, bit by bit in your bellows,
    And blow your secret to us until the heart mellows”

    Otherwise it’s all Priya. Mothehood becomes you.

  2. Beautiful writing, Priya. I love getting lost in the ocean. Every day since I moved to the shore last July I have walked by the ocean with my dog. A friend asked me one time why I don’t take my I-pod and listen to “useful” things while I walked along the ocean each day. I tried to explain that that time that I walked along, listening to the waves, letting them course back and forth at my feet as I walk along, was too important to fill with “useful” things.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful writing!

    1. Were my friend to say this to me, I’d probably repeat what you said, with a little modification. I’d say that the ocean says and shows more ‘useful’ things to me than any other object or being ever could.

      Welcome, Kevin.

  3. What happened? How did I forget to leave a comment here, especially as I loved the way you used my photos? So much longing in this beautiful poem. I wonder if you lived at the ocean whether you’d write with so much passion? I sometimes think our best writing comes from that longing for something we can’t reach.

    1. Longing does contribute, perhaps. But sometimes, it’s just the too-intense feeling for a thing — fascination, love, care, concern. But then, longing is also a feeling, isn’t it?

      Look now, I am blabbering..

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