Weather Me Well

Perhaps the name of this blog is working. It has helped me weather — whether well or not remains to be seen.

The desire to write and be read is so intense, I write instead of sleeping at my off time. (This won’t do for long, I must sleep, too.) For now, the one decision I have thought of is of going public again. I don’t know why, but like always, I am going to succumb to my whims and fancies.

So here goes.





of the


invader wanes

To give way to a

Constant niggle to make friends.

Anew rises that desire

To love, be loved; to return faith.

Here’s my little world all open once again.

To what place it takes me now, I know not.

16 thoughts on “Weather Me Well”

  1. I hope the persistent invader has found a new hobby, but that may be too optimistic. More likely, he’s just found a new person to bother.

    For some reason, I’m not receiving notices of your new posts.

    Yes — feel loved.

  2. When words need to come out they’ll find the way even when your mouth is closed and your hands say they’re too busy with Bela’s nappies. Go for it Priya you are already loved. 🙂

      1. NO! It is not. That’s why we live. To be heard, to be read, to be respected for who we are and what makes us who we are. It’s all so fascinating. To bad we can’t locate the knucklehead and string him up by his toes so everyone could walk by and lash him.

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