Thought an etheree would be a perfect way to relax while Bela converses about the world with my mum.

This is a gentle request from people wanting to remove the hardness from a hardened heart.





Went by,

Welling it.

‘Tis wedged right here.

In our heart, the well.

Come and see how we wet

Wetsuits you wear endlessly.

Webs cover your armour, my friend.

Wend with us as we well it in, here.

And see how our love waters your sapped skin.

14 thoughts on “Come.”

    1. The whole idea was to make it work in 30 minutes, Charles. You read, and made an interesting observation about it. I suppose it’s worked!

    1. Linda, I want to write. It relaxes me like nothing else (well, except sleep). If Bela permits, I am going to continue using my recreational means to relax!

  1. Salaam Priya,
    Beautiful little homage to your little wet bundle (((sigh))). So happy you’re finding time to write. It’s so important to keep our artistic dates with our pens even when sleep is stolen from us.
    kisses from rosie auntie

    1. Bela is still a little erratic in developing gas, Rosie. Some days, she’s fit as a fiddle — that’s when I can take out time to write for an hour or so. I am told the time I get will improve with time. Let’s see.

      1. Poor little Bela. Am I correct that you’re nursing her? It’s a good idea to keep a “food journal”. Every time Bela has a restless period check back and see what YOU ate, because her gas problems may just relate to her being unable to digest certain foods from the cabbage or bean family. Also try remember whether you were stressed while feeding her. Babies are like sponges and pick up our energy.
        big kiss to both of you

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