Confident? Very!

For months now, I’ve been sure 2012 is going to see me the sexiest I’ve ever been. Notwithstanding the puff I’ve gathered over the last few months, I continue to be positive.

On the way to the doctor’s today, imagine my delight when a borrowed CD in the car played this song.

Naturally, I had to sit-dance. Wiggle on my seat oblivious of the humungous belly. After a few minutes:

P: (huffing) The kid is tired.

B: The kid isn’t, you are.

P: No! I am not. (resumes dancing).

B: The poor child must be dismayed his mother has gone wonky.

P: The kid must be delighted to have a wiggly mother. Wait, and you’ll know.

I continue to be as cute as ever, though.

22 thoughts on “Confident? Very!”

  1. Sadness. I am unable to get the song to play. What was the name of the song?
    Priya – the picture of you is absolutely adorable. Your expression is priceless.
    Keep dancing, my friend. Keep dancing!

    1. Sorry for the mix-up! I hope you’re able to hear the song now. The link I gave was a private one, so it didn’t play. The song’s Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO… 🙂 Just the song I’d like to sing in bits.

      The expression is priceless. So is the hair. I’ve used this picture a hundred times to blackmail my mother into feeling guilty for keeping me cranky and unhappy (I was recovering from jaundice and we were visiting relatives in a horribly hot place. That should explain the crankiness. And I tear my hair out when I’m so.)

  2. That picture of you is the definition of sweetness, Priya! Hope you’re feeling well, keep on dancing, I’m sure the baby likes the motion. I remember my son was always jumping around in there.

      1. Oh yeah. He was okay as long as he was moving constantly. Music was key because it enabled me to rest a bit while he boogied on down. He was always either in a sling, a wrap or just in my arms in the early days. He is almost 10 now and still incredibly active in sports, good thing because he gets to release all that energy.

      2. Releasing all that energy. That’s what I’ve been warned about. 🙂 Let’s see what’s in store for me. And whether there’s music potent enough to relax an energetic child’s mother. You’re cool, I’d say, for you let yourself relax. That’s a gift!

  3. Come nap time, you may have to do a bunch more dancing to get the little one to sleep! But, just think, all that Wiggle, Wiggle, yea! will help you shed baby flab! keep smiling, and thinking happy, positive thoughts. That babe is a lucky one to have you for a mother.

  4. OH, that’s hilarious! Great song to go with your lovely condition! I would have dearly loved to see you wiggling there in the seat next to B. Oh, your child will be such a happy one born out of such joy and seat dancing!

    1. Let’s just hope the child doesn’t decide to arrive just when I’m seat dancing, Jean. That’ll give my dear driver-of-the-car a right fright. 😀

      This song was made for me — in any condition. I’ve been saying this for years but no one really believes it. Well, what the heck.

  5. Yep, that got me dancing too! 🙂
    I’m sure your baby’s boogie-ing on down in there. Let’s hope on the day he or she boogies on down easily and swiftly! 😉 Won’t you be smiling if s/he dances her way out?

    I’m very tempted to ask if I can colour your pic of yourself. If so, I can grab it from here, I think it’s just about big enough. What do you think? (Free, obviously). A gift to you.

    1. May our hope turn into a granted wish, Val. Thank you.

      And thank you for offering to colour the picture. That’d be splendid! I was thinking of you while posting this picture; of what you’d think of its shabbiness.

      1. It’s a bit ‘speckled’ – probably to do with the type of paper it was printed on – but otherwise isn’t particularly shabby. I might be able to get rid of some of that (or not, it might obscure some detail, I’ll see how it goes). Any thoughts of colours, do you know or remember any? Or shall I just do what ‘feels’ right to me?

        I’ll email the result to you when done. 🙂

      2. I’m told the frock was lemon yellow with multicoloured smocking on the top. The sandals were brown, I think. Can’t wait to see it, Val! You’re a sweetheart to’ve offered to colour it.

  6. I was going to suggest you ask Val to add color to the photo, or at least remove the creases, but I was sure you’d yell at me. I hope you’ll post the new version.

    Also, I always picture you sitting on the wrong side of the car. You were on the left, yes?

    1. I can still yell at you. There are enough reasons I can think of.

      For instance, how can left be the wrong side of the car? Which is the right side and why? Never mind if it doesn’t sound like yelling. I am soft-spoken.

  7. Ha-ha… I can imagine how few months down the line, you and the baby would be dancing for the song together, accompanied by gurgling laughter!

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