To do, and be doomed.

Making my dreams come true is in my own hands. Seeing a web as a trap, or as a lesser evil to get across the fatal blades of a plant is my choice. Spider or sword-like leaves? Unfortunately, life often offers only the very difficult options.


34 thoughts on “To do, and be doomed.”

    1. Amen, indeed, Shama. Thank you for your words and encouragement. I hope your dreams get realised as well. For these difficult choices are dished out to everyone, aren’t they?

    1. Hmm. You’ve brought me down to Mother Earth, Dave. What would I do without you?
      “Some folk don’t even have a web..” To think that my dilemma comes with exit doors whereas many don’t have that luxury puts my procrastination in perspective, now, doesn’t it? Thank you, shipmate.

    1. Ha! Everything, Charles? Including the weapons to neutralise the Ever-Awake Spider, the Slippery Web and the Treacherous Leaf-Blades? Wow. That’s what I wanted to hear! Where were you?

      Do remember that this post is a post for you, and everyone else, too, including me.

  1. If the answer is not an overwhelming “yes”, let time reveal its magic.

    (I love the ingenuity of spiders…it got there by bungee jumping! They use 3 lines, not one. 🙂 )

  2. Brava Priya! Your simple, but perfect photo and your few lines of words hit me just *here* in the gut. How do you do it? You’re well on your way to reaching your dreams!

    I love the new look of your blog.

    1. I thought I was well on my way, too, Rosie. But damn, it’s difficult to take that all-important step towards it.

      I think the new look is almost perfect, too!

  3. I am sure you will reach your dreams sure. As talent always gets its recognition. 🙂 And do i need to say you that, you really are a talented person? I know you know that.
    But what this post did for me is, it also made me believe that i also can reach to my dreams and i need to work really hard to get there. As always thank you for giving one more lesson about life through your post Priya.

    1. The good news is we’re all talented, Arindam. The not-so good news is that most of us either think we’re not, or are too scared to make use of these talents. I have a feeling, deep inside, you know just what your field of expertise is, or can be. Just follow that. Follow your heart. Normally, it takes you on a path that doesn’t seem like hard work. Best wishes.

    1. Mags, I’ve been meaning to visit you for a long time, but never quite made it. I was always worried you won’t like me. But now that you’ve visited me, I can relax a bit. Thank you.

  4. :))life offers only the very difficult options…but at least there are always options…for some reason i am reminded of dad’s squadron motto “no guts no glory” …love this post and the photographs are getting even more stunning with time…

    1. No guts, No glory. How very true.

      I took this picture around monsoon last year, Sandra. The web had just enough water in it to make it more visible. Perfect day to shoot!

    1. DoF. Will I seem a lesser photographer if I told you I never think of depths and fields and lighting or shade? Well, unless I am shooting just reds. But the point is, I just shoot. Perhaps take a second or two to frame the shot. Oh. I’ve let out my secret! Am no great shakes and everyone knows now!

    1. I took time to get over your name of choice, DD. And when I visited your blog, I was even more tempted to shut my eyes, and pretend your name and comment hadn’t tickled a strange something in me somewhere. And then I read your About page and I felt like I’ve known you, Fulani and Velvet.

      Back to your comment. Yes, it all starts with just one thread. The only question is, who’ll tame the spider? Or bell it?

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