Understanding you. Understanding me.

Allow me to present another etheree. I’ve begun to enjoy these.



Me with

The moonlight

In your eyes deep.

Or gently wake me

In your arms, soft. Like this.

Clouds are rolling in, ’tis time.

Help me see the wind send life.

Or take me with you on your steed to war.

Go. But come back. And leave the shield behind.


29 thoughts on “Understanding you. Understanding me.”

  1. It could be my imagination, Priya, but you seem to have jumped up a level from your last etheree to this one.You’ve written an entire story, filled with rich detail, in just ten lines. I love every word, including the red star at the top. Beautiful.

  2. What beauty in these words! I don’t think I’ve read anything as lovely in such a long time. Oh, thank you! And you’ve introduced me to another form of poetry. Delighted and delightful! (I would love to do a painting on this.)

  3. You really captured something hauntingly beautiful in this little etheree Priya . I felt myself holding in my breath and getting goose bumps as I read it. Brava 🙂

    1. I am smiling a broad smile as I write this, Rosie. Goosebumps is what I want to give, sometimes. Thank you so much.

  4. Priya, this is beautiful! However, what is an etheree? I’ve never heard of it.

    That said, your poem was deep and beautiful, with so many images I was swept away. “Help me see the wind send life?” That’s poetry at its purest.

    1. You’re kind, Melissa. Thank you!

      I am pasting here the brief introduction I wrote on etheree when I posted my first one on this blog —

      An etheree comprises of 10 lines. It begins with a one syllable line, increasing one syllable per line until the last line of ten syllables. The syllable count of the entire poem is 55. The syllabic structure, therefore, is 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, and is unmetered and unrhymed.

  5. I read this poem while listening to “make you feel my love” by adele & the effect of the poem was magnified like a gazillion times. WOW

    1. Make you feel my love must be a really wow song, then, Maulika! I must go to YouTube and listen to it. Even without having done so, however, I can say that the girl in this poem wishes to do just this — make him feel her love.

      Good to see you here after a long while. Hope law’s keeping you happy.

    1. “Gentle” and “Determined” are what I wished to put across, Amy. Thank you for your appreciation. It means much.

  6. your words on love are beautiful. not everyone understands the depth of love, for so many take it for granted, as though it is always where it is supposed to be found. but you have a deeper insight. peace, bob

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