Shaking off the weres

If I had the power to bring back something, I would. If it was meant to be with me, it would. Perhaps all destiny is asking me to do is to keep shaking off the ‘weres‘.


12 thoughts on “Shaking off the weres”

    1. Sometimes the coolest things come in small boxes, Rosie!

      Glad you liked the picture. This is a goose from the Nainital (a hill town in the Himalayas) library (it is situated next to a lake, where they release the geese every morning).

  1. I have tried, throughout my life, to shake off the “weres” and “shoulds.” I’ve actively attempted to force regret back down deep into my pockets. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t, but I needed your reminder, Priya. Thank you so much.

    1. We all need these reminders, SDS. Probably because the pleasantest things are easy to sit with. And the ones deserving a deep shove down the pocket are the ones that rankle the most. And hence easily swept aside. The beauty is to keep at it, which I am sure you are!

  2. It’s both a curse and a gift, isn’t it, that we remember the past? If only we could learn how to smooth down the rough edges, maybe everything would fit together more easily. Your posts and photographs always help me to do that. In one way, the Partial View tells me what needs to be looked at, and what doesn’t.

    1. I wish they always helped me when I wrote them or clicked them! 😉

      It feels good that you find some friendly direction through them, Charles. And thank you, too, for saying it.

  3. Such a thought-provoking collection of sentences. You are a great writer, and I continually marvel at the depth of your words. But even more than that, their honesty. If you could bring something back, you would? How many of us are brave enough to say that out loud? It’s a great sentiment.

    1. I am not sure if it is brave or foolish, Melissa. To want to bring something back. We grow and evolve when that something has left. If we try to bring it back, we might not remain as we know ourselves to be! I do like the thought of knowing that there is no point in holding on to the weres, though, because no matter how good they were, they are just that — a thing of the past.

  4. Awesome!
    I wonder, “how can you express a deep thought in such a small sentence!”
    And to be honest, my word power is not that much strong. So, every time i visit your blog, it give me at least one new word to keep with me. So thank you for that.

    1. Arindam, I discovered sometime back that none of us lacks depth of thought. We all express it in one way or the other. It is such a happy thing, is it not? That we can each teach the others some little something? 🙂

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