How much does it take?

I am grinning from ear to ear as I write this. Waiting for B to get us some rum. It’s been a trying week. A challenging assignment I enjoyed doing, but since it involved more brain-work than usual, I am feeling drained. The reason I am grinning is because my radio just played Allen Karl’s Tonight Carmen. I’d never heard him, so his voice came as a surprise.

Old-world and somehow soothing, it boomed through the speakers, and I began grinning. It is like watching an unexpected flower bloom after living in a dry, dry land. Working on an assignment that makes you happy and absolutely irritable at the same time does seem like cruising on a very, very dry land.

Sometimes you need just a little to turn it around.

Have a beautiful time today. And I, I am going to drink rum with B.


6 thoughts on “How much does it take?”

  1. As you said in a recent post, having the right attitude at the beginning of a project can make all the difference. It sounds as though you’ve completed this one with just the right attitude, as well. Congratulations!

    1. 🙂 I remember the beginning of this project with a smile, Charles. It was a dream come true! A kind of assignment I’d been waiting for. So, in this case, the attitude was top notch at the beginning. Sometimes, however, dreams that have come true do not give you the same experience as you’d imagined. Or is it all the time? But as long as it ended with a smile, it’s ok.

    1. I certainly did, Mon! And I hope you did, too. I am sure you did, in fact. Anyone making rum balls for Christmas has to have a nice time!

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