Intent is everything.

If I can get up in the morning with a feeling of excitement about much to do, I know I am doing good. Many times, the much-to-do is unexciting in more ways than one, but if I can accomplish the difficult task of seeing beyond the unexciting and looking at the consequence my action is expected to have, I will be able to still feel that very-welcome excitement. For even the most unpleasant tasks, if done with the right intent in mind, (seemingly) magically result in something pleasant.


6 thoughts on “Intent is everything.”

  1. Wouldn’t we be so unbelievably productive if we could tap into that feeling whenever we needed it? Sometimes it takes more energy to just get moving than it does to actually carry out the task. As you said, doing anything well creates a feeling of satisfaction. But why do we have to be reminded of this over and over? Do you have a trick for doing so?

    1. I have a trick for kitchen jobs. I can be sly and shove crumbs under potted plants if I can help it. Or serve tea in a cup that has a tiny speck on it. Just remove it with a helpful finger and get on with it, I say to myself. Each time I am tempted to take such short-cuts, I think of my mother and imagine what she’d say about such kitchen-sins. It always cures me. And like you say, gives me the satisfaction of a job well done. Can’t say the same about laundry or dusting and some such. But I am getting there!

      As for the reminding, if we learned it all, teaching would lose its charm. And, in many ways, so would living. Life is about doing petty, sly things off and on. And grumbling at the next 20,000 words project. But only off and on.

  2. Hi Priya. I take comfort in knowing there’s always a bigger purpose to all we do. Sometimes it is cloaked in simplicity…like knowing that I am doing a good job to satisfy my own soul. No one else will know. Monumental, at times.

    1. I like the “no one else will know” part, souldipper. It makes things so much more personal. I really do revel in that.

      Thank you for coming here and appreciating. Your (blog) world looks so inviting. I wish to read the Rumi post again, and will do so, too!



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