Occasional redemption

It is very easy to trample on sentiments and emotions in drunken vanity, I’ve noticed. And very, very difficult to recover from the guilt. Recovery comes only if you allow yourself to discover that you have, in fact, ravaged lives.

10 thoughts on “Occasional redemption”

  1. So many people will tell you that guilt is a useless emotion. But without it, how would we ever correct our own behavior? What would keep us from, as you say, trampling on sentiments and ravaging lives? I think that occasionally re-living the hurt I have caused will help me avoid repeating the mistake with others. At least I hope so.

  2. That is not how I meant it. I am not undermining the importance of guilt here. This ‘just statement’ is concentrating on the pith of the facts that
    a. it is easy to commit such a ‘crime’
    b. there will always be guilt, but you can get rid of it if you acknowledge what you’ve done. Once you do that, guilt doesn’t go, you just recover from it.. Because unless you do, it will consume you.
    Does that make sense?

  3. It makes perfect sense, and I don’t think I misunderstood you. I was referring to other people — and authors of books — who advise against ever feeling guilty. I think it’s a useful emotion in the right balance. Too much guilt and we become paralyzed. Too little and we’re insensitive jerks.

    1. Ah. So then I misunderstood you! And yes, moderation is the key. Back when I was an immature and foolish teenager (don’t think I am suggesting I’ve changed as an adult), the one sensible thought that attracted me in my text books is of ‘moderation’ as proposed by Buddha. It is called the middle way now.Or the right balance as you put it. It surfaces everywhere, see? Love hate war, even tea drinking.

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