Let me be

If my feeling of uncertainty about myself did not overwhelm me so much, I’d feel less hassled with people’s impressions of me. The more I drown myself in self-admonishment, the more I pave way for others to invade my well being.



7 thoughts on “Let me be”

    1. I’ve been labelled a self-analysis freak several times. I do analyse and nitpick the cobwebs in my head. It is not as time-consuming and vitality-consuming as it may sound, though. If anything, I can now proudly claim that some of the corners are free of cobwebs now. šŸ™‚ Thank you ever so much for the concern.

  1. You would have noticed Priya that, I spent a good part of yesterday night & today going through your archives. The more I read, the more I thought – you were wise and insightful from the beginning! Not just that but, with an ability to turn those nuggets into incredible written and pictorial form.

    Were you always this aware?

    1. How could I always be not aware, AIT? That’s my business being a sentient being. And yours, too. Which makes you equally, if not more, aware. We just tend to hide behind convenience most of our lives. Such a pity, no?

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