Freedom of speech


Chirp endlessly

Calling in vain

Coexisting for a respite



7 thoughts on “Freedom of speech”

  1. Yes, it is Nainital. My sasural.

    The circles you mention are the aerators for the fish. They turn them on in monsoon and winter especially. That’s when the oxygen goes down considerably in the water.

  2. Oh, I knew that. Couldn’t relate to it in the picture, though.

    You know how lucky you are to have your sasural in Nainital and home in D’dun, don’t you? As opposed to Delhi & Mumbai. By the way, when I send my son to the Doon School, can I suggest your name to be his L.G.? 🙂

    P.S. – You should make that photo blog non-anonymous.

      1. Another reason to visit. 🙂
        How many days I have spent on its roads; walking, measuring & drawing. I remember the cantonment area as being beyond beautiful. A right from the ghantaghar circle. I should try to find the study we did back in 1997, or was it before?

  3. Sure, I will. We were not allowed computers back then. So, I will have to actually dig to find it. Oh, I have always been so ashamed of my sketching. Ever since I saw the ones made by a few talented fellow students (more than a few, actually).

    P.S. – We are really using the ‘Freedom of Speech’ offering of this post! : )

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