Lady Gaga’s meaty venture

I am not the kind to pay much attention to hot topics until they are quite cold. Lady Gaga’s choice of attire this time, however, is begging for attention. And even more interesting is her explanation for that choice. (Did not go very well with PETA and even Ellen DeGeneres, I hear.) Well, the issue of rights involving the meat on our bones might have gone unnoticed by the preoccupied, self-obsessed dimwits of this world. But not our Lady Gaga, no. She has taken an unprecedented step to emphasise the importance of standing up for such rights in a meat dress (because unless you do that, you have about as much claim to rights as the dorky meat on your bones). How cool is that?

In this world of mercurial news makers, before you know it, time turns into a time warp. Reacting to this 4 day old news is like going back in time and history, I know, but why not, then? The cow flank maggots might have hatched by now, released into this world full of remarkable intelligence, sipping the waters of social awareness. Wow, really, how cool IS that? I do wonder what happened to that dress, though. Did it get recycled? I confess I didn’t google its fate. But I am kinda sure the Lady did not let its rights be forgotten. And then, since the news is almost history in this sun-has-set-I-forget-you world, the cogwheels in Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta’s (aka Lady Gaga) must be working full-time for finding out another effective way to stand up for pertinent rights. Don’t ask me the details, I can’t tell.

6 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s meaty venture”

  1. Interesting! Even my four legged buddies think so. They want a piece of LG’s ‘standing up for rights idea’. I just want them to do it before the idea turns rancid.

  2. hmm…nice read…not so much the actual meat…but well, the…thought provoking the sun-has-set-I-forget-you world…I wonder why I run, during the little intervals I get. But they’re never long enough for me to think the matter through, and before I know it I’m back in the race, just madly pushing ahead…quite like a race horse actually, blinders and all…

    1. It’s a good beginning, you know. Comparing yourself to a race horse. This way you at least notice the blinders. If you notice, you will make the change, too I suppose! Keep running in the meantime! You just might love the place you reach.

  3. I’m only vaguely aware of who Lady Gaga is. I avoid most things having to do with celebrities — too many people are struggling, even starving, for the rest of us to keep worshipping these pampered, over-paid, self-absorbed actors. At best, they are good at pretending to be someone else.

    I don’t know where Lady Gaga came from. Is she an overnight sensation or has she been around for a long time? Why are so many people willing to pay her so much attention? A meat dress? Really? What was the message? Was she protesting something?

    Great line, Priya: “The cow flank maggots might have hatched by now, released into this world full of remarkable intelligence, sipping the waters of social awareness.” (Drinking her sweat — is that what you meant? How COOL is that?)

    And you’re so right. This stuff becomes old news so quickly. Our attention span is almost non-existent, so the media have to keep cranking out more and more nonsense for us to gobble up. And this is what we’ve come to (so far): meat dresses. I don’t get it., and I hope I never do.

    1. Lady Gaga. Let’s forget her.
      But since you asked about what she was protesting against, let me elaborate just a little. She was protesting for gay and lesbian rights in the US Army. Apparently the US Armed Forces have a policy of “Don’t ask. Don’t Tell” about people’s preferences. She feels people must have the right to ask and tell. But she lost her way during the explanation for the outrageous show of show(wo)manship and had this to say “However, it has many interpretations. For me this evening, if we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights pretty soon, we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on own bones. And, I am not a piece of meat.”
      Thank for appreciating the line. I am quite proud of it myself. And I did mean the sweat.

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