When it is time to move on, you feel this eager nudge. Strangely, the direction of this nudge differs from situation to situation.

When it is time to leave your adamant son in his new flat in a big, mean town, you feel the nudge to run back to him and give him a hug (or maybe slap him hard on his back and then hug; whichever he deserves more), hoping the tactic will guard him against all odds you fear await him.

Or consider the nudge you feel when you are sitting in an overcrowded train, commuting to save your life, financially or socially or just-ly. The nudge that nudges you to get out of there RIGHT NOW and find a place that doesn’t make saving your life such a bore.

Nudges are important, you see.


4 thoughts on “Nudges”

  1. Hey Poesi (I like that name for you), BRAVO… do write extrememly well. Looking forward to see more of yr writings. I like yr honesty….

    Do watch Elizabeth Gilbert. I enjoyed this very much.

    Keep it up. Cheers

    1. Hey thanks! Poesie is actually a good name 🙂 It means a short poetry in German, hence the name for my folder containing short poems. I really loved the video. Thanks!

  2. Sometimes life nudges us, and sometimes we nudge back — or at least we try to. Stillness, it seems, is unacceptable for very long.

    I like the way you connected the idea of saving your life (which is such a powerful drive) with boredom. Who else would have thought of that, but you?

    1. Surprising you say this, the last sentence, for I am thinking of what to say to you on this. You know life and its nudges so well. Even the boredom it involves. No?

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