Ah, the joys!

Rippling water wafts through my skin into the very soul I so jealously guard. All my firewalls fail. I am one with Mother Nature. What is it about her that makes all my guards become meaningless?

11 thoughts on “Ah, the joys!”

  1. This was perfect. I loved it. You said what I’ve been trying to articulate for some time. I miss being outside in nature and simply existing, vanishing into my surroundings a bit. So good for the soul–to me it reminds me of who I really am underneath. Thanks for sharing this again, Priya.

    1. Darla, it takes just a minute to sit and let this reality overpower you. And yet, most people choose to ignore it. For what? I wonder, because the usual justifications just don’t seem pertinent — routine, practicality, life’s trials…

      Thank you for the appreciation. That’s what keeps me going.

  2. Hi Priya,

    “Rippling water wafts through my skin into the very soul I so jealously guard…”

    that line makes me sigh….and cry…. I don’t know how you do it Priya, but you manage to capture so much with so few words. Hats off to you dear friend.
    And the photo is stunning.

    I’m so glad you reposted this.

  3. Those ripples, the colour of the water, the experience of standing in water… just beautiful. And what’s more – I agree with Charles.

    1. You humble me, Val. You bring in the world into your writings with such finesse, it is an honour to get such a comment from you. Thank you.

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