Hope, as it survives

Living a difficult life could almost be compared to getting up from a sleep laced with humidity. Sweat and leaded head might make you realise you were better off asleep. But the wooziness also brings with it an unexplainable breeze of hope. Breeze! The sweat dries, the heaviness vanishes. With all different kinds of weather you know that when one is here, how can the other not come?


4 thoughts on “Hope, as it survives”

    1. Why would that be? So that we can prepare for the time? Like we take out the winter clothing or overhaul the AC? Perhaps yes. But if we could predict the time to come, would we end up being more unmotivated and less hopeful? It’d all be like a computer game — you know the levels, all you have to do is to just keep changing your strategy for better ‘success’.

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